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PCB Veneer Welding Machine

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1、Index rotation mode operation;

2、Visual inspection of incoming materials, precise positioning;

3、Using high-quality soldering iron welding system, stable and efficient;

4、Independent workstations are used for welding the core wire and the braiding layer, and the size and height of the solder joints are controllable;

5、The terminal angle can be adjusted automatically, and the tolerance is less than ±10°;

6、Can automatically paste adhesive (foam).

Cutting capacity: 60-800mm

Processing diameter: 0.81-1.78mm

Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm

Equipment utilization rate: ≥95%

Working pressure: 0.5Pa

Yield: finished product yield ≥ 95%

Dimensions: 1900*1200*2100mm

Total power of equipment: 3KW

Weight: 1200kg

Production efficiency: 850-950pcs/H (depending on the stripping length)