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Coaxial Cable Cutting Stripping and Tin Dipping Machine

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Designed for automatic soldering after coaxial wire cutting and stripping, it liberates manpower in special positions, the equipment runs stably and the structure is more optimized, and the operation and maintenance are easier!

Cutting capacity: 45mm--600mm

Processing diameter: 0.81-1.78mm

Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm

Equipment utilization rate: ≥95%

Working pressure: not less than 0.5Mpa

Processing accuracy: Tolerance of stripping at both ends ±0.1mm Total length tolerance ±0.25mm

Dimensions: 2000*1300*1500mm

Power: about 2KW

Weight: about 800KG

Production efficiency: 900-1100PCS/H (depending on the stripping length)