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Manual Shield Cutting Tool

  • Model:KS-S316M
  • Net. Weight:6kg
  • Dimension:420×110×236mm

This is a shielding net cutting machine, which mainly processes and cuts shielded wires of different types of cables, with a processing range of 4mm2-70mm2. The cutting length can be set freely. It is characterized by a purely mechanical design and can be used without any electrical connection. It is convenient, safe and fast. Will not damage the cable insulation.

  • All working areas of the machine are visible.

  • When replacing the wire, you only need to replace the matching cutting tube and conduit.

  • The mechanical structure is simple and the use flexibility is high.

  • No need for electrical connection, the machine is safer.


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Applicable Cable: 4-70mm2

Cut Length: 5-100mm

Power: manual pressure cutting

Power Supply: no power supply

Net Weight: 6KG

Dimension: 420*110*236mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.